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July 1, 2004 ­ Concerts for Kerry Exceeds $115,000 in Donations

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Village Voice ­ 7/26/2004
"Them Against Us"
... the first two of a week of Concerts for Kerry at the Living Room....[T]ops either night was Moby .... At a benefit last September, Kerry had joined Moby to sing and strum "Ring of Fire." Reprising that moment, Moby humanized our candidate. Who is human, you know. And ours.... MORE

New York Daily News ­ 7/22/2004
"Two Parties, So Many Cool Bashes"
... legendary drag diva Lady Bunny [performed] at a recent Concerts for Kerry benefit featuring poets, dancers and spoken-word artists.... Another reason these parties are so popular is that the price is right. Tonight's example: Concerts for Kerry is having a benefit bash at 7:30 at Spirit in Chelsea, featuring deejays Mark Ronson and Spooky, live bands and the "comedy protesters" Billionaires for Bush. Tickets are $15.... MORE

Arizona Republic ­ 7/21/2004
"Bands to Rock Downtown Phoenix for Kerry"
The Phoenix show is being organized by state Rep. Ken Clark, D-Phoenix. "I like music, I like supporting downtown and I like John Kerry," Clark said. He said he hosted Kerry's first few trips to Arizona before he announced his candidacy for president.... MORE

Village Voice ­ 7/9/2004
"Musical Youth Support Kerry-Edwards Victory with Nationwide Concerts"
To combat what Columbus perceived to be "ads filled with lies and distortions," she and Gerney thought of concerts with a positive message, specifically for Kerry .... Soon, people all across the country found the Concerts for Kerry website and asked how they could help. In response, the group made a coordinator kit available for download .... Concerts for Kerry's outreach catches the eye of the 18-to-35-year-old demographic with relatively low ticket prices (roughly ranging from $10 to $40). Every single penny goes to the Kerry campaign.... MORE

ABC News' The Note ­ 7/8/2004
"ABC News Vote 2004: Kerry-Edwards '04"
They may not all be like tonight's concert at Radio City Music Hall, but "Concerts for Kerry has organized close to 40 concerts, including three at rock clubs in Boston. The organization's Web site,, includes links to help bands set up pro-Kerry gigs. As of this week, Concerts for Kerry reported having raised $114,000." ... MORE

Boston Globe ­ 7/8/2004
"Musicians Band Together for Kerry Campaign"
"A lot of these musicians didn't participate in the past," says Nikki Columbus, a New York-based Democrat who in April helped found Concerts for Kerry, a coalition coordinating a half-dozen shows each week. "This time, even the most idealistic person understands that there's only so many people John Kerry can reach if he's traveling by bus. You need money to get out that message."... MORE

New York Daily News ­ 7/6/2004
"Kerry's Backup Bands"
... a grass-roots group called Concerts for Kerry is organizing club and theater shows, raising more than $100,000 so far with performances by dancer Savion Glover, saxophonist Joshua Redman and Jack Black's band, Tenacious D, among others.... MORE

New York Times ­ 6/30/2004
"Poking Fun at Politics, From the Left"
But sure enough, Mr. Martin was one of a handful of hipster comics gathered on Monday night at Pianos, the similarly cool rock club on Ludlow Street on the Lower East Side. The event, organized by Concerts for Kerry, was one of the series of cheap-ticket fund-raisers being staged at small clubs and bars to benefit Senator John Kerry of Massachusetts.... MORE ­ 6/28/2004
"Poe, Friends Rock for Kerry"
The Living Room in New York City will host Duncan Sheik, Joseph Arthur, Jesse Malin, Jesse Harris and Clem Snide's Eef Barzelay on July 20th.... [The concert is] being organized in conjunction with the Concerts for Kerry Organization ... which has hosted almost twenty shows so far this year .... MORE

BET Jazz ­ 6/18/2004
"Jazz Musicians Unite for John Kerry"
Some of the most illustrious musicians in jazz banded together to raise money in support of U.S. presidential candidate, John Kerry.... The all-star fundraising concert, "Jazz for America's Future" was produced in conjunction with Concerts for Kerry, a grassroots organization sponsoring musical events of various genres around the country.... The impetus for a jazz concert came from noted pianist Aaron Goldberg, best known for his work with saxophonist Joshua Redman. ... MORE

Boston Phoenix ­ 6/18­24/2004
"Combat Rock: Concerts for Kerry"
... that's where Concerts for Kerry comes in, a grassroots New York City­based organization created this past March by the architects behind ­ essentially, for Kerry supporters. Conceived as simply another attempt to figure out, as co-founder Arkadi Gerney puts it, "what else we could do" .... MORE

Philadelphia City Paper ­ 5/6/2004
"Concerts for Kerry"
If indie rock was in any way financially viable it probably wouldn't be indie rock, but maybe the Concerts For Kerry phenomenon ­ little fundraising rock shows in NYC, Philly and a few other places ­ is mostly about making a statement. The Capitol Years, This Radiant Boy and other local rockers come together to make a couple bucks for John Kerry's campaign. Stay tuned for more.

NYC24 ­ 4/18/2004
"A Concert for Kerry: Politics Goes Country"
Making the biggest contribution to the night's entertainment was Mike Gomez, lead singer of Wormwood, who played all three sets for all three bands.... Playing at a Concert for Kerry wasn't a hard sell. "I accepted with great joy. I really wanted to do it," Gomez said. "The Bush Administration, the current one, has made me much more political than I used to be," he says. "I always vote, but the Neoconservative Blues was the first protest song I wrote because I felt I had to." He said he wants to write more protest music.... MORE

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